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Signing up for preschool and school starts on 18 January

If your child was born in 2010, he/she can start the free preschool on 15 August 2016. The duration of preschool education is four hours per day for the period of 15 August 2016 to 31 May 2017. For the most part, preschool schedules are similar to school schedules.
Preschool education in English
Preschool education in the English language is provided by the Pikku-Ainon päiväkoti, on the premises of Oulu International School, for children who pass a separate language test. Preschool education in the English language will be provided if there are at least seven children who meet the selection criteria.
After attending preschool education in the English language at Pikku-Ainon päiväkoti, the children may continue their education
at Oulu International School. The parents of the children in this preschool group are obliged to pay the costs of transportation themselves.
There are also other, mainly private kindergartens in the City of Oulu that provide preschool education in English, Swedish or German. After attending preschool education in these preschool groups, the children can access Oulu International School
via entrance tests.
Signing up for preschool
You can sign your child up for preschool during the period of 18 January 2016 to 29 January 2016.
If your child is in daycare, you can sign your child up for preschool with a specific form in the kindergarten. If you wish your child to begin preschool somewhere other than the current kindergarten, you will need to fill in an electronic application.
If your child is in family daycare or attends open early education activities, or if your child is not in daycare, you can sign your child up for preschool online. Please select the ‘Preschool
registration' (signing up for preschool) option on the front page.
In all matters regarding preschool, please contact by e-mail educare(at) or telephone 08 558 45300.
Signing up for school

Children in Oulu who start school next autumn shall be enrolled in school 18-29 January 2016. Children born in 2009 shall be enrolled in school by a guardian using Wilma application at: Electronic registration will open on Monday, 18 January.

You can also enroll by using the Enrolment for basic education-form.

Basic education afternoon activities are held on school days for pupils on 1st and 2nd grade, as well as for other pupils eligible for specific support. Applications for afternoon activities shall be submitted by 20 March 2016 electronically at
In all matters regarding electronic enrolment, please contact by e-mail:  primustuki[at] or telephone 08 558 41550.
The basic education guidebook Oulussa koulussa - perusopetuksen opas 2016-2017 (in Finnish) contains information on basic education in grades 1-9. Among other things it describes things regarding school start, choices and support for schooling and pupil welfare. The guide contains all the essential information regarding schooling and choices, so it is worth to explore it at.