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Versatile modular school buildings

New large residential areas are in a desperate need of new school premises. New kinds of learning environments support new kinds of teaching.

A new building is rising next to the Metsokangas School and the school's headmaster Kalle Komulainen and assistant director Otto Leskinen are very excited about it.

"Korpimetso is the flagship of new kinds of learning environments," they say.

The modular school is going to be ready in the autumn of next year.

The head developer Mika Huhtala agrees with the other men.

"These kinds of teaching environment solutions have not been seen before, and Oulu is at the forefront of development. There won't be traditional school desks and the space can be transformed flexibly according to different kind of learners, learning groups and subjects."

For example, the new school will not have any corridors.

"This solution has allowed much more efficient use of space. Corridors, that are empty most of the time, will not be built for the new Hiukkavaara multipurpose building either. The building work will begin next spring," Huhtala says.

Today's architecture favours compact spaces.

"It saves money, when we don't need to build or upkeep unnecessary spaces," Huhtala says.

The new architecture also supports new kinds of teaching methods.

"This is not about making compromises and putting learners in rooms that are too small. On the contrary, the premises have to serve pedagogy. In the new curriculum there is an emphasis on learning together with others and the modular school buildings support this method," Leskinen concludes.