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What will the centre of Oulu look like in 2040?

During this year plans are being made for what the centre of Oulu will look like in 2040. Things that are being taken into consideration are, for instance, extending the Rotuaari pedestrian street, complementary building, and developing pedestrian and cycling routes.

In addition to the visions about the grid-plan area or the centre of town, the Myllytulli, Raksila and Limingantulli areas are also being examined. They will be connected with the centre of the town even sooner than the 25 year schedule.

City Plan Architect Uki Lahtinen indicates that the whole Central Station, which comprises the current train and bus stations and surrounding environment, will have a significant role in the future vision of the town centre.

Big development plans similar to this have been implemented in Oulu since the 1960s, most recently in 2001. Development plans that seemed maybe distant then, have now been completed.

"Rotuaari has been extended, the Kivisydän parking hall has been opened, and several city blocks mentioned in the plans are either being built or have been recently completed," Zoning Planner Jouni Mäkäräinen points out.

The developments for the market place are also continuing. The Market Place Hotel and the covered winter market attached to it have received a construction licence. The ideas for the development of the market place are partly an outcome of a competition for architectural students. Idea generation will continue with the residents of Oulu for the whole year.

"The market place should be an active place throughout the year and an integral part of the rest of the city centre," Lahtinen concludes.

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