Arrival in Oulu

Things to do when you arrive:

1. Get your residence and work permits from the police station

In Finland, the police handle residence and work permits as well as matters related to asylum. In order to apply for a permit, you will need to bring a valid passport or other acceptable travel document, passport photos (preferably black and white) and other supporting documentation. It would be wise to do this on your first or second day in Finland, since it can take time to get a permit, and the permit is needed to settle other bureaucratic matters.

Address: Rata-aukio 2
Relevant information can be found online at Finnish Police homepage.

2. Visit Kela

Kela handles social security benefits, social insurance, home allowance and housing benefit. You will also need a Kela (health insurance) card.

Address: Sepänkatu 14

3. Sign up at the population register (Maistraatti)

The population register, or Maistraatti, maintains regional population information. You should notify them of your intention to reside in Finland within the first week after arrival.

Address: Isokatu 4
More information at Maistraatti homepage

With Posti's online Moving Home service, you can easily place a change of address notification to both Posti (mail service) and the Population Register Center at the same time.

More information at Posti homepage

4. Visit the Tax Office (Verotoimisto) to apply for a tax card

You will need a tax card before you can start any job. The card can be obtained from the tax office. Tax Office staff speak English, and the relevant forms in English can also be found online.

Address: Torikatu 34 B

5. Visit the Employment Office (Työ- ja elinkeinotoimisto)

Oulu's employment office provides information on jobs, labour administration and work permits. The office has a separate international department.

Address: Torikatu 34-40

6. Open a bank account

The three main banks in Oulu are Nordea, at Kirkkokatu 6, Osuuspankki, at Isokatu 14 and Sampo Pankki, at Kirkkokatu 13. All of them offer internet banking and various types of card.

7. Visit Customs (Tulli)

Declare any relevant goods at Poikkimaantie 16.

Welcome to Oulu!  - playlist

In this playlist we will present to you some important places that will be useful for you after moving to Oulu. Languages: Arabic, english, finnish, russian, somali and thai.