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New recommendations: Please use a mask indoors in all public places and events

New recommendations in city of Oulu regarding Covid-19:

Please use a mask indoors in all public places and events

City of Oulu recommends using a mask in all indoor places and events from 29th of October until 3th of December because of Covid-19. This recommendation doesn´t affect secondary schools or children under 15 years old. Masks are recommended to be worn in stores, events, offices and culture- and sports facilities. You will receive service in all public facilities even if you do not wear a mask. If you are in need of a free mask you can get one from every Health care center.

At this stage, the recommendation does not apply to situations with an established community, i.e. the same group of people meeting repeatedly. Therefore, no mask recommendation will apply to daycare or schools.

For daycare clients, what this means in practice is that there is no need to wear a mask when dropping off or picking up your child. If you must attend a more extended meeting at the daycare centre, we recommend you wear a mask.

City of Oulu also recommends that from 29th of October until 3th of December no private events over 20 people would be held. 

Please avoid visiting elderly people or people who are in higher risk groups if you have lately had any contact with Covid-19 e.g. in a restaurant or a big event. Visiting instructions at elderly services have stayed the same.


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information