EDUexperiences are ready-made programmes for 510 days for either children, young people or adults. The programmes always have a coherent thematic content and they are carried out with a hands-on approach to make a dive into Finnish culture and nature. Examples of the EDUexperiences for young people are “Tailor-made English courses for groups of young people” and the Luuppi Museum and Science Centre's Camp School called “Inspired by Nature“.

For travel, accommodation, restaurants and free-time activities provided and sold by other organisations and companies, please see the provision in the Oulu Technical and Educational Visits Program.

Tailor-made English courses for groups of young people

In addition to immersion in the English language, the courses offer students immersion in Finnish culture and education. Cultural and social exchange with locals in different segments of the courses will be arranged. Both courses can be arranged in any season.

The different segments of the course largely integrate with each other in cohesive thematic content. In this way, on a day where the students might be baking Finnish treats in English in Action, the content of Just Say It and Building Blocks would be reflected, for example, in related vocabulary, providing instruction in the kitchen and polite response.

For more information, please contact Ms. Minna Hukkanen: minna.hukkanen[at]

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Camp school "Inspired by Nature"

The camp schools´ educational programme is organised by Museum and Science Centre Luuppi in the City of Oulu. Luuppi is a unique combination of history, art and science. It collects, cherishes and retells stories of the North.

The camp schools´ scientific and artistic programme is compiled from hands-on activities. Open learning environments are used and the pedagogical approach is phenomenon-based learning to foster creativity.  The students practice team skills and learn content matters but also have fun at the same time. All activities are “inspired by Nature” and, therefore, the children and young people have a chance to open up their senses to the treasures of Finnish nature.

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