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Food and Environmental Laboratory Food and Environmental Laboratory

The Food and Environmental Laboratory of Oulu Region provides services to municipal health inspection as well as corporate and private customers. Our laboratory is the northernmost municipal food and environmental laboratory in Finland. Our range of services comprises microbiological testing of food, water and housing safety samples and chemical testing of water. For more detailed information on analyses available, see Laboratory Services.

Laboratory Services

The Food and Environmental Laboratory of Oulu Region is testing laboratory T114 accredited by MIKES (Centre for Metrology and Accreditation), with microbiological and chemical testing of food and water as its competence area. The quality system of the laboratory is based on the international SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The laboratory is also an official research institution conducting examinations in accordance with the Food Act (23/2006) and Act on Health Protection (763/1994) accredited by the Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA). 

Services provided by the Food and Environmental Laboratory: As part of our range of services, we offer pool and beach water sampling in the Oulu region. We also provide a pick-up service for self-monitoring samples in the Oulu region based on a separate agreement.

 Food control analyses

The Food and Environmental Laboratory has long experience of analyses of self-monitoring and regulatory control samples and associated guidelines. The laboratory specialises in the microbiological and sensory evaluation of the quality of foodstuffs. The range of analyses includes the following accredited methods:

If our clients require analyses not included in our range, performing the analysis at a subcontracting laboratory may be agreed with the client.

We focus on microbiological water analytics and chemical analysis methods supporting it. We analyse household water, well water, pool, Jacuzzi and hot tub water as well as water on bathing beaches. Microbiological and chemical analyses on water samples are conducted in accordance with current decrees. If analyses performed at a subcontracting laboratory are required by the client, the necessary samples are sent to a subcontracting laboratory.

The laboratory has several years of experience of analysis of samples pertaining to housing-related health (indoor air, material and surface samples). Our methods of analysis comply with the requirements of the Housing-related health guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (2003:1) and have been approved by EVIRA. Upon request by the client, a report on the microbes found in the sample is included in the analysis.

Services for farmers Salmonella analyses

Our laboratory has an accredited method for detecting salmonella in samples of animal origin (e.g. animal faeces). The result is available 3 days from the start of analysis; for example, the result of a sample delivered on Friday is available on the following Monday.

 Mastitis analyses

Our laboratory has long experience of mastitis analyses. Samples may be submitted directly to our laboratory. Enquiries on results may be made by phone after 1-2 days. In the case of results finalised during the weekend, clients are automatically informed by text message. If necessary, texting may be used for informing clients of the results of analysis on weekdays as well.

Cleanliness samples

 The aim of surface cleanliness samples is to monitor the efficiency of surface cleaning. The samples are easy to take. The necessary sampling materials are provided by the laboratory, and instructions are available upon request.

Street address (receipt of samples)
Tutkijantie 4 F, 90590 Oulu
Mailing address P.O. Box 19 90015 Oulun kaupunki
Phone: Receipt of samples 044 703 67 55
Opening hours:
mon-fri 8.00 - 16.00