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Arctic Mayors joining forces

The work behind the Arctic Mayors’ Forum started in Fairbanks in 2017.  The mission is to create a platform to coordinate and strengthen the voice of the local people of the Arctic and to advocate for democratic local self-governments. The Arctic Mayors’ Forum will promote local values, goals and interests in achieving sustainable development and resilient communities.

Mayors from across the Arctic met in Rovaniemi 8. May 2019 to discuss the future and the activities of the Forum.

“We’ve met regularly throughout the last 2 years at various conferences and events. There is now a need to take this cooperation to the next level and to work more targeted on issues of common interests”, says mayor Kristin Røymo, Tromsø and Esko Lotvonen, mayor of Rovaniemi.

The two mayors are co-hosting the meeting in Rovaniemi in the margins of the biannual Arctic Council ministerial meeting.

“There are many challenges in the Arctic that are both of global interest and of local relevance and importance. People in the north must engage more actively in the conversation about the Arctic future to link the geopolitical stakes, the fight against climate change and the need for a sustainable development and innovative solutions at community level”, the mayors underline.

In the longer term, the Arctic Mayors’ Forum hopes to be able to interact with the Arctic Council in a more structured manner as well with other NGOs and regional and international organisations that deal with Arctic issues.

The Forum is open to all mayors in the Arctic. The mayors and representatives from Arkhangelsk, Tornio, Oulu, Kemi, Nuuk, Tórshavn, Akureyri, Tromsø and Rovaniemi met in Rovaniemi.

Since Iceland is the chair of the Arctic Council 2019 – 2021, the Arctic Mayors’ Forum will be meeting in Iceland to hold its first general assembly in October 2019 in connection with the Arctic Circle Conference.