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Branch libraries as a support of social integration

The project aims to make regional libraries and the library culture in Finland familiar to the foreigners by providing different activities in form of games and education to speed up foreigner’s process of social integration in the Finnish society.

The project’s goal is to create cultural happenings, aiming to help foreigners understand the Finnish culture and way of life and vice versa. In addition, the project also creates educational happenings and courses like Finnish language courses and IT courses, to provide much needed skills to live in Finland. Furthermore, the project also aims to create fun events and sports events. Most of those activities take place in the regional libraries of Oulu.

One main target of the project is to create partnerships and cooperation with other ongoing similar projects and with organizations that foreigners are active in. The cooperation can be in organizing some events together to create the bases for continuous cooperation in the future.

The project started in December 2017 and lasts till May 2019.