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Coffee with the Mayor

The Mayor of Oulu, Päivi Laajala, will continue to host meetings with the residents of the municipality. Face-to-face conversations and drinking coffee together have been efficient and fruitful.

Last year, Päivi Laajala started in her position as the Mayor of Oulu. At the time, she had a conversation with the then president of the city board, Riikka Moilanen, about what new and different things she could do as the newly elected mayor. They came up with the idea of having “Coffee with Päivi”.

– We were looking for ways the residents of the municipality could reach me outside formal events.

The meetings with the residents of the municipality take place in different places about once a month. Päivi Laajala starts the meetings with a short speech about current affairs. After that, there is coffee and free conversation about the topics the residents of Oulu find important.

Ideas for the future

Laajala considers it important that there are different ways to take part and influence matters. Not everybody has access to digital services. Face-to-face meetings can bring up different topics than digital channels.

– Personal feedback is always efficient and influential – both good and bad.

Next meetings

Monday 22.10.2018 at 17.00–18.00 Ylikiimingin asukastupa, Harjutie 18

Thursday 15.11.2018 at 17.00–18.00 Kaakkurin asukastupa, Pesätie 13

Thursday 13.12.2018 at 17.00–18.00 Jääli, Laivakankaan koulu, Laivakankaantie 10