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Contact teaching at schools will start on Thursday 14 May

The Government decided on 29 April to dismantle the restrictions placed on early childhood education and care and on primary and lower secondary education on the basis of an assessment by the health authorities. In other words, all children attending pre-primary or primary and lower secondary education shall return back to contact teaching as of 14 May; distance teaching will no longer be available.

Afternoon activities will resume as of 14 May for those pupils, who attended the said activities before transitioning to distance teaching.

Schoolwork in every school in Oulu shall be planned in such manner that it is safe to return to school. During the school day, close contact between different groups of pupils shall be avoided by rearranging spaces and premises. To guarantee appropriate social distancing, teaching may be staggered, and when necessary, also other premises (e.g. in upper secondary schools) may be used for teaching.

Cleaning will be stepped up in schools. School meals will be staggered with social distancing taking place also in the lunch room. The pupils shall wash their hands before coming to lunch. Staff will serve the food to pupils. Attention is paid to appropriate hand hygiene when serving food.

A normal timetable will be applied as far as possible for schoolwork. Remedial instruction and other support practices are available for pupils requiring assistance. During the last two weeks of the spring term, special focus will be put on sharing, pupils’ wellbeing, and extensive skills in learning.

As for a pupil’s non-attendance, the school’s normal absence practices will apply as of 14 May. You always have to apply for a permission for absence and the school will then decide if there are grounds for granting such a permission.  Do not send your child to school, if he or she is unwell. If a child is absent because he or she is too ill to go in, the guardian shall inform the school as soon as possible.

School will provide information regarding school transport and school practices in detail.


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information