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Corona restrictions on day care centres and schools have been removed

Corona restrictions on day care centres and schools have been removed

On September 29, 2021, the city management team has outlined that there are no more personnel restrictions on the city's premises. This means that you can move normally in day care centres and schools, for example. Events such as development discussions and parenting evenings can also be organized in close meetings.

Guardians can come to day care centres normally when bringing in and picking up their child. Parents and children can also come to visit the day day centre and its facilities normally.

The general mask recommendation has already disappeared in Oulu (as of September 22, 2021). The mask recommendation is no longer generally valid indoors (e.g. in schools, day care centres, workplaces and shops).

However, the corona pandemic is not over yet. Protection against corona is still important. Day care centres and schools continue to provide hand hygiene by washing hands and using hand sanitiser.

Up-to-date coronavirus information can be found at


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information

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