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Coronavirus recommendations continue in early childhood education and care

Oulu is in the basic stages of a corona epidemic, so corona restrictions will be phased out. The latest information can always be found on the City of Oulu's Korona website:

Below are our recommendations for the current situation. The corona has not yet receded, so the situation and recommendations may change even on a quick schedule. If necessary, we will update the recommendations in the autumn according to the prevailing corona situation and national recommendations.

The effects of Oulu's current corona recommendations on early childhood education from 24 May 2021:

  • Swimming lessons for early childhood and pre-school children in day care centres will continue, taking into account the recommendations.
  • Family clubs and open early childhood education continue with corona safety in mind (note the clubs' summer break).
  • The half-day yard family sports clubs will start in the fall.
  • Activities organized with the funding of organization-based preventive activities will continue, taking into account coronary safety.
  • The mask recommendation for both staff and guardians remains valid. The mask recommendation does not apply to children.
  • The recommendation for remote appointments is still valid.
  • In order to secure summer season services, we strive to minimize external contacts in our units.
  • We continue to work to minimize the movement of caregivers indoors in day care centres. In import and search situations for children, it is always desirable to have the shortest possible stay in the daycare area, and only one guardian will come inside. He/she should be asymptomatic and the use of a mask is recommended.
  • During the spring and summer, it is customary for day care centres to introduce new children and families. Where possible, these visits can be arranged using remote connections. Children can play in the yard of the day care centre at the end of the activity.
  • Parents and children can visit the interior of the day care centre and family day care, taking into account space and hygiene factors. Day care centre or family day care can only be accessed asymptomatically.

Best regards,

Miia Kemppi, Director of Early Childhood Education


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information

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