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Cultural Climate Change Pitching

A pitching competition for cultural actors, communities and businesses is organised during Polar Bear Pitching on March 12 by Oulu2026 and CULTA Project from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The pitching competition seeks for solutions that enhance Cultural Climate Change - the main goal of Oulu’s bid for the European Capital of Culture. How can we make Oulu and other cities better places to live by the means of culture?

Usually Polar Bear Pitching stages sales pitches from the freezing ice hole but Cultural Climate Change is about warming cold cities with culture. Thus, culture people pitch their suggestions from the benches of a cultural sauna and the pitching language is English so the international jury members can understand as well. The best proposal will get 2026 euros to realise the proposal.  

Registration is open 1.-21.1.2020:
The pitching on March 12th at 17:30 at Oulu Market Square.

Pitching rules:

- You can entry to pitch as an organisation, a company or a private person
- The pitch speech must be presented from the sauna. Otherwise, the presentation can be visualized by creative means and assistants can be used. Your creativity is the only limit.
- Maximum 3 minutes
- Language: English
- Prize for the best pitch: 2026€. The prize should be invoiced, so you will need a VAT number (Y-tunnus) for invoicing.

The pre-jury will select the 8 most interesting entries for the pitching competition. The selection will be made by 28 February.


More information:

Do you want to develop your pitching skills? Take part in pitching workshop offered by CULTA Project on 25.2. at 4pm-7pm at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Kotkantie 1.

More information and registration You are welcome to join the workshop even you wouldn’t take part in the pitching competition.


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