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Exceptions in opening hours in Oulu libraries during Christmas, New Year and Epiphany

On Christmas Eve 24.12.2017, the main library is open 12-16. Glogg and gingerbreads are served in the lobby 12-15.30. The 2nd floor Piazza features relaxing stories read aloud 13-13.30.

All libraries are closed on the following dates: 25.-26.12.2017, 1.1.2018 and 6.1.2018. On 5.1.2018 all the libraries that are open, will open at 10 at the latest and close by 17.

Self-service libraries, excluding Hiukkavaara and Kastelli libraries, can be used throughout Christmas, New year and Epiphany.


Other exceptions in opening hours of local libraries

Rajakylä library is closed 21.12.2017-9.1.2018 due to floor renovation.

Asema, Martinniemi and Yli-Ii libraries are closed 23.12.2017-7.1.2018.

Jääli, Kello and Ylikiiminki libraries are open with only self-service use 23.12.2017-7.1.2018.

Kaukovainio library is open with only self-service use 23.12.2017-1.1.2018.

Hiukkavaara library is closed 23.12.2017-1.1.2018. Self-service use is available 8-16 on 2.-5.1.2018. A librarian is on the premises 12-15.

Kastelli library is closed on the following dates: 23.-26.12.2017, 31.12.2017-1.1.2018 and 6.1.2018. Self-service use is not possible.

Karjasilta library is closed due to renovation until the end of the year 2018.


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