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Feedback on services for foreigners in Oulu

The essence of the integration strategy of city of Oulu lies in the ideals of equality and equity of all residents. We have a very practical and action based strategy for integrating newcomers to Oulu and the strategy paper ends with a concrete action plan for facilitating the integration of newcomers to Oulu.

The city council of Oulu has set up an evaluation team to follow up and evaluate the implementation of the action plan. 

We request you, on behalf of the evaluation team to spare few moments and provide us with your valuable feedback regarding the services in Oulu.

You can provide us your inputs by answering this questionnaire.

The deadline for answering the questionnaire is 16.9.2019.

Based on the feedback received via the Zef questionnaire, the evaluation team will update the integration strategy.


For more information contact:

Priyanka Sood
Coordinator of multicultural work