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In the future, invoices for early childhood education and care will come as e-invoices

Early childhood education and care customer families have received paper invoices in December, even though they have made an e-invoice authorisation. This has understandably caused wonderment.  

The City of Oulu introduced a new invoicing system in December. Customers were informed during the year by a letter asking for a new e-invoice authorisation based on a personal identity code. E-invoice authorisation data are obtained from banks on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, in the early stages of the introduction of the new system, the updating of the powers to the invoicing system has not been up-to-date. For this reason, paper invoices have been sent to customers who have authorised e-invoices. 

Now the authorizations have been updated with the system. You don't have to do anything, and you'll get the next bills as e-invoices. 


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