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Instructions for sorting biowaste

The biowaste produced by the residents of Oulu is used as fertiliser on fields and the biogas produced from it warms laundry water for big institutional launderettes. Someday fish parings and coffee grounds will provide the energy for biogas cars. Do you like the sound of that? See the instructions for sorting out biowaste below.

Suitable for biowaste:

  • Food leftovers, plant parts from cleaning berries etc.
  • Dried and rotten groceries
  • Peels of fruit and root vegetables and egg shells
  • Small bones and bones that have been cut into small pieces
  • Settled ham fat or frying fat ○ Used frying oil in a plastic bottle
  • Coffee grounds (and filters) and tea leaves (and tea bags)
  • Paper towels, paper napkins, egg cartons
  • Perished flowers and small amounts of plant soil
  • Waste from cleaning pet cages or small amounts of cat litter sand

Properties that have more than four flats are required to have a biowaste bin that can be bought or rented from a waste management company.

Composting biowaste or sorting it in a mutual bin shared with neighbours is also advisable for people living in detached houses. Composting biowaste saves money as well as nature, since the burnable waste bin needs to be emptied less frequently. Your own compost provides nutrients for the plants in your yard and improves the soil.