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Join the celebration! Finland’s birthday week and Independence Day

Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917. The newly born state was willed into being by the Finns after a long struggle. In spite of hard times, the Finnish people have for almost a hundred years engaged in the building of their country and making decisions together. Now the Finns are leading their country into a new century with courage and determination.

Come and join the celebration! The Finland’s birthday week and Independence Day’s programme is out now.

Also you can take part in the celebration with three national deeds:

Serve coffee, hoist the flag and illuminate

The Finland 100 centenary year is unique in Finland’s history, and all kinds of festivities in its honour are welcome. Take part in the celebration with these three national deeds.

Have a coffee break in honour of the 100-year-old

Work places, companies, and communities are encouraged to organise a blue and white coffee break for employees, customers, or friends on Independence Day Eve, Tuesday 5 December at 2 pm. If the afternoon coffee break doesn’t fit your schedule, you can arrange the coffee break at any other time on that day. The shared moment matters the most. Find a coffee break near you in the event calendar.

It’s time to fly the flag

Let’s dress up the 100-year-old with Finland 100 centenary flags and decorations before the birthday. On Independence Day Eve, Tuesday 5 December at 6 pm, the Finnish flag will be flown on every Finnish flagpole. The flagging continues overnight until Independence Day evening, Wednesday 6 December at 10 pm. The flag should be illuminated during the night.

Let’s make the 100-year-old blue and white

Everyone in Oulu is encouraged to create a blue and white lighting at work and at home. Blue and white lights will be lit on Friday 1 Dec at 6 pm, and the lighting ends on Thursday morning, 7 Dec by 9 am.

Using the Finland 100 logo

You are a part of the Finland 100 centenary programme by organising coffee breaks for employees, customers or friends, creating blue and white lighting and hoisting the Finnish flag. We encourage using the Suomi Finland 100 logo to mark these celebratory occasions with defined graphic guidelines. The logo is blue. The logo also comes in a white version for use on dark and coloured backgrounds. The Suomi Finland 100 logo may never be placed next to another logo or as part of a set of logos. The right to use the logo applies only to the coffee breaks, setting up blue and white lighting and hoisting the Finnish flag from 5 December to 6 December 2017. The organiser does not have the right to use the logo in commercial purposes. Read more here.