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Luleå city representatives are visiting Oulu

Members of the city board, city leaders, and officials of the city of Luleå visit Oulu on 10–11 November. The programme includes, for example, visits to Hiukkavaara school and community centre, University of Oulu, and Oulun Energia waste sorting plant. The visit focuses on topics such as education and city development.

Luleå and Oulu are partner cities that have been cooperating closely for over 20 years. The city representatives meet each other regularly. This visit is the first one since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, we were able to continue our cross-border cooperation and dialogue through digital tools. It is important for us to finally have the opportunity to meet our colleagues and partners in Oulu. It has become obvious that cross-border collaboration is very much needed in order to meet the effects of global risks and to build the long-term resilience of our sparsely populated regions,” says Carina Sammeli, the chair of the City Board of Luleå.

In February 2021 Oulu and Luleå expressed their long-term commitment to collaborative development by updating and re-signing the bilateral cooperation agreement that focuses on competitiveness and attractiveness, infrastructure as well as cultural exchange and promotion of language learning.

“Luleå is one of the most important international partners for us. We are both northern university cities and we face similar questions relating to city development. We are happy to welcome our colleagues and partners from Sweden after a two-year pause. The value of free mobility has become more evident during the pandemic,“ says Päivi Laajala, the Mayor of Oulu.

The visit is hosted by Juha Hänninen, the chair of the city council of Oulu; Mirja Vehkaperä, the chair of the city board of Oulu; Päivi Laajala, the Mayor of Oulu; and Oulu city officials.

For further information:
Anne Rännäli-Kontturi, International Affairs Manager, City of Oulu, +358 44 703 1316,
Outi Rouru, Head of the Public Relations and Protocol, City of Oulu, +358 44 703 1637,



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