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Lumo Light Festival drew crowds again – snow illuminated the experience

Nature gave the Lumo Light Festival a special gift this year.

“The artworks were exhibited in two different lights, with and without snow. Two experiences at a time”, the organisers of the Lumo Light Festival said with joy.

“Despite the crowds, everything went great and huge rushes were avoided, partly because of the new signage that guided visitors along the routes to the artworks”, says Program Manager Jarkko Halunen.

"It is difficult to estimate the total number of visitors, but on the Hupisaari route alone we counted about 90,000 visitors between Friday and Sunday," he adds.

All in all, there were about thirty artworks on display in Hupisaari, downtown, and five suburban areas.

The festival atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful, and according to the organisers, the event area, expanded to the broad park of Hupisaari, worked in its entirety very well for the purpose.

“There was room for the art to be exhibited and the snowing on Sunday gave its addition. However, the slipperiness of the routes presented challenges that we tried to overcome by gritting. Fortunately, people watched their steps. Thank you all for your patience”, says producer Anna Lanas.

Visitors were plenty in the outskirts of Oulu, too. For example, the traditional Pölökkypää path in Martinniemi attracted hundreds of visitors.

The Lumo Light Festival will be celebrated again next year, 20–22 November 2020, and the program search opens already by the end of January 2020.


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