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Lumo Light Festival takes over the renovated corners of the city

The full programme of Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2021 has been published on the event website. The festival will delight visitors and the people of Oulu with 17 installations, five of which will be on display for a longer period. Five district events in different Oulu neighbourhoods complement the event in the city centre. The festival takes place on 19–21 November.

Snellmaninpuisto Park was renovated last summer and is now showcased as one of the festival venues, as Lumo brings a temporary light installation there. With the renovation, an art path was made in the park, making it possible to place different artworks alongside it. Samuel Mäki-Kerttula’s installation Wormhole has the honour of inaugurating the park according to its actual purpose. Wormhole is an installation for many senses, inviting visitors to experience a reality created by lights and sound inside a tunnel.

One of the pieces that will remain on display longer is Pillars of Light by the Flowers of Life collective, set in the most recently built section of Rotuaari pedestrian street. It will bring a special mood to the street for a month, until December 19th. The installation was commissioned by Oulun Liikekeskus and it serves as an example of what Christmas lighting in Rotuaari could be like in the future.

“This is the right time for us to experience with light art in the pedestrian centre. I am eagerly awaiting residents’ and shopkeepers’ feedback on how they feel about light art as lighting for the traditional Tierna period. For me, light art in this dark, slushy season brings energy and a sense of freedom into the city space,” says Leena Vuotovesi, Managing Director of Oulun Liikekeskus ry.

A group of restaurants and cafés in the city centre are also involved in the festival, pampering festivalgoers with delicious Lumo Menu offers. A map of the festival area, with installations and participating restaurants marked, can be downloaded on the Lumo Light Festival website.

The festival is arranged mainly outdoors, and it has gathered 100 000 people at best to admire the light art installations. The event has attracted spectators also from outside Oulu.

The Lumo area has been designed with health security in mind, by making the festival area less tightly packed. In indoor locations, the number of simultaneous visitors will be restricted as necessary.

Other installations that will be on display for a longer period include:
•    Luke Jerram’s Gaia on the summer street of Valkea Shopping Centre until 30 November
•    Kaivo (The Well) designed by students and lecturers of light design at University of Oulu, situated inside the old water tower at Tietomaa Science Centre until 12 December
•    Social artwork Wanting to belong! created from an idea by Pia Leppänen-Keränen, on display at Cultural Centre Valve café until 19 December
•    Northern Photographic Centre’s exhibition Material Light is on display until 2 January 2022

Entire festival programme:

Further information:
Anna Lanas, Producer,, 044 317 1282
Jarkko Halunen, Producer,, 044 703 8274


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