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Main library is testing a new wireless network

Oulu main library is piloting its own wireless network called Kirjasto. Testing began on 18.9.2017 and the wireless network is now open for public access and does not require a login.

If you access the Kirjasto-network with your own device, you will be able to use the library e-materials and databases that previously only worked with library computers. These include, for instance, eMagz and ePress that offer a wide range of Finnish magazines and newspapers online. The e-materials and databases that require users to log in when accessed outside the library can now be used without logging in if you use the Kirjasto-network.

Due to the Kirjasto-network, you can also use the e-materials with the tablets that you can borrow at the main library. The e-materials offered by Oulu City Library can be found via this link.

If the testing goes well, Kirjasto-network will expand to certain other local libraries that can be equipped with Wi-Fi base stations.