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New, non-urgent dental care appointments are not scheduled for now

Non-urgent dental care appointments are not scheduled for the time being.
Due to the coronavirus situation, new appointments for non-urgent dental care are not scheduled. Patients whose need for dental care is not urgent are put on a waiting list. Also, the non-urgent dental care for people over the age of 70 is postponed. 
All other dental care appointments are valid until further notice. Patients are informed about cancellations and postponed appointments individually either by phone or SMS.
The City of Oulu monitors the epidemic and the national guidelines for oral health care. Reducing non-urgent dental care is controlled and carried out gradually. 

Changes also to emergency dental services

Due to the situation, there are three separate receptions for dental emergency clients.
Normal emergency and acute dental care is provided on the 1st floor the Dentopolis at Aapistie 3.
Patients with a respiratory tract infection and in need of urgent and immediate care use a different entrance to Dentopolis. Incoming patients are instructed to wait at a marked entrance door from where they are shown to a separate waiting room. Patients with acute respiratory tract infections are provided only emergency care for dental reasons, such as swelling, bleeding, serious injury or severe pain that cannot be helped with medication. 
Those who belong to a risk group and need urgent dental care are treated on the 2nd floor of Dentopolis. Risk group patients have a separate waiting area.
All incoming patients are kindly asked to contact the dental care customer service by calling 08 5584 6430. Customer Service will advise you further on where to come and if any special measures are required.


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information