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Nordic Cross-border Cooperation Committees to meet in Oulu after a two-year break

Nordic Cross-border Cooperation Committees from Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark will gather in Oulu for the forum of cross-border committees to be organised from 18 to 19 November. The meeting will involve discussions on the free movement of labour and the furthering of the vitality and attractiveness of the northern border regions.

The previous forum of cross-border committees took place in 2019. The coronavirus pandemic has hampered interstate mobility, cooperation, and everyday life. The pandemic has affected individuals, communities, labour markets, public services, and business.

“After a two-year break, we finally have the chance to see each other and strengthen communication, collaboration, and trust across national borders. We are looking into the future and we want to take tangible action to bolster border area cooperation”, says Piia Rantala-Korhonen, head of the Bothnian Arc organisation.

Language skills and solid transit connections are needed

The Bothnian Arc organisation is one of the twelve Nordic cross-border committees, out of which the majority are represented in the Oulu forum. The Bothnian Arc organisation is led by the cities of Oulu and Luleå. The municipalities in the Bothnian Arc region and their development organisations are the members of the Bothnian Arc organisation that aims to promote cross-border cooperation and social and financial cohesion in the region.

After the pandemic, there is a call for a new, sustainable model of cross-border cooperation. In the Bothnian Arc region, the most significant questions include promoting the free movement of labour and developing the common labour market, as well as creating new kinds of sustainable nature and cultural tourism. All of these require both the ability to fluently cross language barriers and the existence of smooth transit connections.

“The Bothnian Arc region has an excellent opportunity to develop into a powerful economic engine. That would be a development that would benefit the entire European Union”, says Rantala-Korhonen.

The Nordic Cross-border Cooperation Committees support the goal set by the Nordic Council of Ministers to make the Nordic Countries the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. All of the cross-border committees closely collaborate with the actors and citizens in their region of coverage across national borders.

The Nordic Cross-border committee forum is organised by the City of Oulu and the Bothnian Arc organisation.


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