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Notification of absences and need of daycare during the summer period

Reduced services during the summer period 1 June – 31 August 2021

Day care centres and family day care serve families throughout the summer. If necessary, daycare centres can combine their activities. However, the activities are organised in such a way that children and staff can operate in loose spaces and there is sufficient space for all small groups. In family day care, operations have been reduced due to nurses' holidays. Private service providers inform their customer families about their unit's opening hours exemptions.

Continuous absence of more than six weeks between 1. June and 31. August 2021

If you organise the care for your child between 1 June and 31 August 2021 yourself for at least six consecutive weeks, no day care fees will be charged for the period of absence. Note! The absence time does not entitle Kela to home care allowance.

You must submit a binding notification of absence in the 16 May 2021 in www-pages:

Absences notified after this date will not entitle you to a discount. NB! Absence from day care during the summer does not entitle you to Kela home care allowance. 

Changes into notified absences that will give discounts for the summer period can be accepted only for special reasons. These include the parent(s) being laid off or their employment terminated, on sick leave or if their annual holiday time changes because of actions of their employer. You need to provide written proof of the above-mentioned changes to the day care centre.

Daylight saving time absence credits and customer fees

July is automatically free of charge for families where the child's early childhood education and care started before the end of August 2020. July is also free of charge when the child has started after 1 September 2020 and the child does not need summer emergency services.

More information on early childhood education fees for the summer months (1 June to 31 August) can be found on the customer fees for early childhood education and care page (finnish language)

Summer on-call day care services 28. June – 1. August 2021

On-call time 28.6. – 1 August 2021, the services of daycare centres will only be offered to those who really need them, i.e. the parents are working or studying full-time in summer. After the deadline has expired, new reservations for on-call time can no longer be made.

Request a registration form from your child's daycare centre/family daycare centre. You will be informed of your child's summer emergency room and the date of your visit at the beginning of June.

Summer on-call daycare centres

Northern area:

  • Jatulin Tarha (extended opening hours Monday - Sunday klo 5.30 - 22.30)
  • Ruiskukka (extended opening hours Monday - Sunday klo 5.30 - 22.30)

Southern area:

  • Pitkäkangas
  • Kuovit (extended opening hours Monday - Sunday klo 5.30 - 22.30)
  • Kuukkeli
  • Maikkula

Eastern area:

  • Välikylä (extended opening hours Monday - Sunday klo 5.30 - 22.30)
  • Vesala
  • Talvikangas
  • Haapalehto
  • Saarela
  • Kiiminkijoki
  • Muurahainen (extended opening hours Monday-Friday klo 4.30 - 22.30)


Middle area:

  • Kisakenttä
  • Lassi (extended opening hours Monday-Friday klo 5.30 - 22.30)
  • Merikoski
  • Ainola’s Varpula -group (open 24/7)



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