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Oulu City Council made a Finland 100th Celebration Decision

Oulu City Council met in honour of Finland's 100th anniversary celebration on Monday 27th of February. According to the decision of the Council of Governors, Oulu will apply for the 2026 European Capital of Culture title. The Finnish 100th celebration will be the acquisition of art and technology with a light installation of a water basin on Hallituskatu Street. Additionally, the City of Oulu will award commemorative funding to the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences for a total of EUR 400.000 from the City Development Fund.

The City of Oulu applies for the position of European Capital of Culture in Finland in accordance with Finland's 100th anniversary decision for the year 2026. An action and financial plan will be developed for the project and will be discussed later.

The 100th anniversary celebration of the City of Oulu will be a light installation on Hallituskatu Street water basin, where art and technology will be utilized. The 100th Anniversary act will reach as many different aged Oulu citizens as possible. It will take time and will focus on the future, as well as Oulu's strategic priorities and Oulu expertise on display. The place is vital considering the flow of tourists in the future. The light installation combines the Kivisydän underground parking hall and the future travel centre. The high standard professional light installation will hopefully be an iconic tourist attraction in the future.


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