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Oulu help starts by evaluating the needs and situation of the elderly in Oulu

Oulu help has been set up by the city of Oulu in collaboration with the church, asukastupas and NGOs. Oulu help aims to support people of Oulu in daily needs during the corono crisis. Oulu help services are targeted especially towards vulnerable sections of the society and those belonging to corona risk groups. 

Oulu help will start operations on 31.3. by evaluating the needs and situation of the elderly in Oulu. We will be evaluating how the elderly are managing in day to day activities.  Those who turn 80 this year or older, will be contacted via telephone. We will be calling only those who are staying at home alone, calls will not be made to those staying at care homes.

A typical Oulu help caller can be either an employee of the city, the church or from the elderly peoples’ union. Our objective is to make a person to person contact and enquire about their wellbeing. We hope the elderly will be able to answer the phone.

A worker from the city of Oulu will make a second contact via phone if there are concerns regarding the wellbeing of the person contacted. If we fail to contact the person via phone, social and health services will be checking on the welfare of the person concerned. In this manner, we will ascertain the well being of each and every elderly person  and organize appropriate support.

Besides the abovementioned services Oulu help is also providing food support, on call helpline and mental health services.

Oulu help does not provide Corona related information or guidance. For corona related information, please visit:

Oulu help has its own webpage Oulu-apu (In Finnish):


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information