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Oulu Self-Care is to be introduced in Italy as a good practice

Oulu Self-Care has been selected to be introduced at the event of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy, on the 12th–13th of December 2018.

This event aimed at the representatives of the European Commission Member States is organised by the Commission Directorate-General responsible for health and food safety. The event is related to the EU Health Programme with its objectives being as follows:

  • to improve the health of EU citizens and reduce health inequalities
  • to focus on themes that address current health issues across Member States
  • to support and encourage cooperation between Member States

Also a Communication on Digital Healthcare launched by the European Commission in June 2018 plays a part in this, with the purpose of seeking digital transformation of health and care services.

The total amount of such European practices that have been estimated to be good and efficient by the European Commission is ten at this event. Oulu Self-Care is an example of utilising digital solutions in order to support citizens’ well-being.

Kirsti Ylitalo-Katajisto, Director of Healthcare and Social Welfare and Eila Erkkilä, Service Manager from the City of Oulu shall participate in the event as representatives of Finland. They shall tell in their workshops about the development work and process of Oulu Self-Care along with its services and benefits. The Kanta Services that are available to all persons resident in Finland shall also be introduced in these workshops.

The most efficient services introduced at the event shall be utilised in drafting the EU policies and programmes.

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