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Oulu strengthens its position as a center of digital health

Oulu University Hospital, the University of Oulu and the City of Oulu have signed a framework agreement on collaboration with MSD, a global healthcare company.

By signing the agreement on 18 September 2019, Oulu strengthens its position as a center of digital health. The collaboration will focus on three areas: research, eHealth and innovation as well as communication. The main idea behind this initiative is to work together to ensure better social healthcare services for the benefit of all the citizens.

The framework agreement was signed by Ilkka Luoma on behalf of the hospital, Anne Remes on behalf of the university, Kirsti Ylitalo-Katajisto on behalf of the city and Patricia Drake on behalf of MSD Finland.

‘Both Oulu and MSD have a keen interest in e-health and digital innovation particularly as it applies to the patient care pathway and to the value-based healthcare framework. If together we can accelerate getting the right patient to the right care at the right time, that would be a wonderful outcome of our collaboration. Oulu is famous for  how easy it is to collaborate here and we are extremely glad to experience this in practise,’ says Patricia Drake, Managing Director at MSD Finland.

Next steps include  identifying the right leaders from each of the four stakeholders to form working groups who will establish priorities, set goals and monitor success in the three areas of the collaboration.

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