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Signing up for preschool starts 14th January


If your child is born in 2013, he/she can start preschool on 12th August 2019. The duration of preschool is 4 hours per day for the period of 12 August 2019 to 29 May 2020. For the most part, preschool schedules are similar to school schedules.

According to Basic Education Act a child must take part in a year long preschool or other activity that fulfills the goals of preschool one year before the beginning of basic education. Taking part in preschool education is not compulsory, but parents themselves can organize the education so that preschool goals will be fulfilled. The responsibility of attendance is on the guardian.

You can sign your child up for preschool during the period of 14 January to 27 January 2019. You will need to fill in an electronic application. Please select the ‘Preschool registration' (signing up for preschool) option on the front page.

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The daycare service coordination team is happy to help you in all pre-school matters, Tel. 08 558 45300, educare(at)