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Take a look on a map made by Oulu youth

Take a look on a map made by Oulu youth

For the first time there has been published a USE-IT map of Oulu last September, second after Helsinki of all of Finland. USE-IT is a European organization supporting and helping European youth to create a custom-made tourist map of their home cities. Other young people are the target audience, but anybody is welcome to use these maps. The map is in English and is done completely by volunteering time while studying or going to work. The young map-makers truly get to show their knowledge of the ins and outs of the city of Oulu.

Oulu holds the title of the northernmost map and you can get your own copy for free from dozens of different places all over Oulu. You can also find this map in the events and festivals during summer as well later into the year. For questions or people interested joining in making the next maps are welcome to come to Youth Information and Counselling Centre at Byström or visiting USE-IT Oulu Facebook page.

USE-IT Oulu is a labour of love to help tourists to get the most out of Oulu during their stay. You can download Oulu’s map from USE-IT Travel’s homepage as well as any other current europan city’s map if you want to. Check out the free USE-IT app from either Google Play or Apple Store and all the maps are for you to use.

The team of USE-IT maintains a google maps site, where you can see all the places USE-IT maps have been distributed to in the city of Oulu.