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The City of Oulu participates in Oulu Pride Week

Oulu Pride Week, 5th–11th of August, celebrates equality, non-discrimination and well-being of people.

Pride Week is a cultural and human rights event with the purpose of reminding people that everyone has equal rights regardless of his/her sexual orientation or gender identity.

Pride Week is organised by Oulu Pride ry and it is implemented in cooperation with the City of Oulu.

Pride Week includes plenty of diverse events, adventures and experiences as well as activities. Pride Week culminates in Pride Parade and Park Party on Saturday, 10th of August.

City services of Oulu are also well represented during Pride Week. Youth Services, the Oulu City Library, the Cultural Centre Valve along with the Oulu Museum of Art are all involved in organising the programme.

During the whole Pride Week, there shall be three Pride Flags flying on three flagpoles in front of the Oulu City Hall.

The Oulu Pride Week’s programme can be found in its entirety at 


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