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The effects of coronavirus recommendations on early childhood education and care until 23.2.2021

Updated 4.2.2021

Coronavirus restrictions and recommendations will continue until 23.2.2021. 

The effects of current coronavirus recommendations on early childhood education and care until 23.2.2021 in Oulu:

  • Daycare swimming lessons for children of early childhood education and pre-primary school age have started.
  • Evening use of daycare centres is allowed for under 18-year-olds’ recreational group activities. Parents cannot stay on the indoor premises while their children are training. 
  • Family clubs can start as of 2.2. in compliance with corona safety.  Superiors in each unit will give a more detailed briefing on practices.
  • Children’s clubs for open early education have been reopened.
  • Family Sports Clubs of the Half a Day Outdoors Project will start as of 2.2. in compliance with corona safety.
  • Activities organised with the help of funding for preventive organisation-based programmes can start as of 2.2. in compliance with corona safety. Organisations will provide detailed information.
  • Vocational work training programmes (including 1st-year-students) and work experience schemes in early childhood education and care continue.
  • Interruption of work practice programme (TET) continues.
  • Strong recommendation’ on wearing a mask to both personnel and guardians is in effect until 23.2. The mask recommendation does not include children. (The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommends masks for 12-year-olds and older)
  • A strong recommendation for video conferences and remote meetings is in effect.
  • For the time being, we try to minimise guardians’ entry to the daycare indoor premises. When dropping off or picking up children, we would like to ask only one guardian to come indoors, please, and the stay on the premises to be as brief as possible. The guardian entering the daycare centre has to be asymptomatic and a mask is recommended.


When should you get a coronavirus test? - Some guidelines to refresh your memory

  • When a guardian notices their child to have symptoms similar to a coronavirus infection, the child must not go to school or early childhood education. The child must be taken to the test if the guardian or a health care professional determines that their symptoms resemble the symptoms of a coronavirus infection.
  • It is particularly important to test a child, who is experiencing even mild symptoms, as soon as possible, if the child or one of the family members has been exposed to a confirmed case of coronavirus or has travelled abroad during the previous 10 days.
  • You can monitor a child under school age with mild symptoms at home for a couple of days without testing.  A child’s symptoms are mild if they are alert and have the energy for play, even if they also have a runny nose, cough and a temperature. However, a child, who has symptoms, cannot attend early childhood education and care. If the symptoms subside completely during monitoring, the child does not have to get tested and can return to early childhood education and care when they have had at least one asymptomatic day. If the symptoms continue, it is better to find out if they are caused by a corona infection.

More information available on the THL Children and Coronavirus Webpage: Children and coronavirus



If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information

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