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The extended Oulu coronavirus recommendations and their targeting of early childhood education and care

Dear Guardians!

We would like to thank all the guardians and children for the past year. It's a past year that's stuck in my mind. It was named Corona Year, and it caused us all memories different from what we might have hoped for on New Year's Eve. Thank you all again for your flexibility, understanding and contribution and support in this coronavirus situation!

Oulu is still in the coronavirus spread phase, but the epidemic situation is developing in a favourable direction. This is due to extensive restrictions and the fact that Oulu residents follow the recommendations. Unfortunately, however, the approaching holiday period with holidays, which usually involve travelling and being together, carries a significant risk of an increase in infection rates after Christmas and at the beginning of the new year.

Below are the extended Oulu coronavirus recommendations and their targeting of early childhood education and care. News of the continuous recommendations until 18 January 2021 can be found on the City of Oulu website.

• Swimming education in kindergartens and preschool education has been suspended on 10 January and will exceptionally start as early as 11 January 2021.

• Evening use of daycare centres has been suspended on until 18 January. 

• Family clubs and open early childhood education children's clubs have been suspended until 17 January and will start from 18 January. 

• The family sports clubs of the Half Day in the Yard project have been suspended until 18 January.

• All work placements and work-life traineeships (TET) in early childhood education and care have been suspended until 18 January. 

• The mask recommendation will continue with guardians and staff until18 January. The mask recommendation does not apply to children.

• We continue to strive to minimise the number of guardians walking around daycare centres indoors. If you visit the daycare centre indoors, e.g. when bringing or retrieving your child, we recommend using a face mask. In the case of importing and applying for children, the aim is always to stay as shortly as possible in the daycare centre area and only one guardian comes in. He/she should be asymptomatic.

Up-to-date Oulu coronavirus guidance can be found at: and

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year!

Miia Kemppi, Director of Early Childhood Education and Care, and all early childhood education and preschool staff


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information