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The preparations for Oulu's 2026 European Capital of Culture bid will continue in the working groups

Oulu City Council decided last February that The City of Oulu will apply for the 2026 European Capital of Culture title. Now the preparation is progressing tighter with the help of the working groups set up by Mayor Päivi Laajala.

There are 4 work groups:  Oulu2026 Project Group, the Economic, International, Administration and Personnel Affairs Group, Communications and Marketing Group and the Programme Preparation Group.

"We are the project partners who guide the work. Additionally, we will need a lot of support for the content of the project. This is the reason we bring together experts from different fields, including the arts area ", says Project Director Piia Rantala-Korhonen.

"The project affects the present and future for each of the people in Oulu and its neighbours. We began already last autumn by organizing workshops where we went to survey kids and schoolchildren how they view Oulu in 2026. This is the foundation for building an application," says Program Director Samu Forsblom.

During this year, the work groups will initiate, among other things, the mapping of the partner networks, the design work and the objectives with the Oulu City Strategy. Next year, a real application will be created, which will sent for the first stage in 2020. The work groups created by Päivi Laajala are also reporting to the city's steering group.


Work Groups:

Oulu2026 – Project Team
Piia Rantala-Korhonen (Project Director), Samu Forsblom (Application Director, Programme Director and City Director of Culture), Heli Metsäpelto (Project Manager) and Carita Forsman (Oulu2026- Communications and Marketing Director).

Programme Preparation Workgroup
Samu Forsblom (Director), Heli Metsäpelto, Jarkko Halunen BO, Janita Jämsén BO, Pasi Laukka (Community Action), Katri Tenetz (Culture Centre Valve), Ville-Mikko Sikiö (Culture CentreValve), Jouni Pääkkölä (City Library), Maija Palonheimo (Oulu Theatre), Leena Pälli (Oulu Sinfony), Anna-Riikka Hirvonen (Museum and Science Centre Luuppi) and Maija Perola (Oulu Music Festival).

Economic, International, Administration and Personnel Affairs Group
Piia Rantala-Korhonen (Director), Heli Metsäpelto, Jonna-Marleena Härö, Anne-Maria Simojoki, Leena Pälli, Anne Rännäli-Kontturi, Olli Rantala, Outi Rouru and Ville Kauppi.

Communications and Marketing Group
Carita Forsman (Director), Heli Metsäpelto, Eila Vähäkuopus, Marjatta Savolainen, Niina Teräslahti and Piia Rantala-Korhonen.


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