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Valve Film School receives award

Valve Film School for Children received the national Lapsenpäivä award in Helsinki on 20 Nov. The Lapsenpäivä award, given by the Ministry of Education and Culture, is granted for outstanding work in the field of art activities and education.

The Ministry described their choice as follows:

The Oulu-based Valve Film School for Children is a developer of models and methods for film education. The School provides hobby groups, workshops at school, courses, and the annual Oskari film competition for children and young people. It also has an important role in organising the national Koulujen elokuvaviikko (Schools' Film Week). The Film School encourages and heartens children and young people to express themselves creatively and represent their ideas in a cinematic fashion. It has also succeeded in its work for promoting the visibility of films made by children and young people. A hundred children go to the film clubs, and more than a thousand pupils participate in the workshops each year. The teaching of Valve Film School is part of the operations of the Oulun lastenkulttuurikeskus (the Children's Cultural Centre of Oulu).

Present at the awarding were the producer Tommi Nevala and media teacher Antti Haaranen of the Film School, and the director Arja Huotari and cultural Manager Katri Tenetz of the Cultural Centre Valve. “When travelling in Finland and abroad, we have noticed that Oulu is an important place in the field of film education for children and young people. Here, we combine high-quality children's hobby activities, school collaboration, in-service teacher training, and the production of educational materials into a whole that we have yet to see elsewhere”, Tommi Nevala said in his thank-you speech.

The Valve Film School opened in 2003, at first going by the name Nuku Film School.  The Film School is a versatile expert in film and media education that also develops new teaching methods and teaching materials which utilise moving images and films. Nowadays, the film school's main objectives are, among others, to support film and media education within early childhood and comprehensive education, to nationally and internationally distribute and disseminate information about film education, and to improve the visibility of films made by children and young people.




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