Open Data Licence

1. General Provisions

These user terms and conditions apply to the use of openly shared material ("open data") published on the web pages of the City of Oulu and other services connected to it. A user means a person or organisation that takes into use the material licensed under this licence (which licence hereinafter also referred to as the "Right to Use").

The producer of the material and the holder of the copyright or database protection is the City of Oulu unless otherwise stated in connection with the material, information or service. These user terms and conditions also apply to charts, statistical figures, texts and other data and material containing information included in the service or services. The City of Oulu does not charge a fee for the use of material in accordance with these terms and conditions.

When taking the material into use, the original source and the date of the version of the material must be mentioned in connection with a service utilizing or containing the material. For example:

  • "© [Producer of the material],[year, date and time]"


  • "Contains material of the [producer of the material] [(title/name of the material)], [year]"

By receiving the material the user accepts the licence as provided by these terms and conditions.


2. Terms of the licence

2.1 Right to Use

This is a licence awarded by the City of Oulu granting a universal, free, irreversible and parallel right to use. The licence grants the user the right to, without restrictions:

  • copy and distribute the material;
  • edit and use the material commercially and non-commercially by sublicensing;
  • combine the material with other products and
  • use the material as a part of an application or service

2.2 Obligations and liability of the producer of the material

The material is licensed "as is" and the City Of Oulu assumes no liability for possible errors in the material or for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the material. The City of Oulu offers no guarantee or warranty that the material or the information contained in the material is correct or up-to-date.

The City of Oulu does not warrant a constant availability of the material. The City of Oulu may at any time at its sole discretion end the distribution of the material without prior notice.

2.3 Obligations and liability of the user

When using or passing on the material or products made out of the material the user shall:

  • make a reference to the copyright or other right to the material in question, of the City of Oulu in accordance with the section 1 "General Provisions";
  • ensure that the naming practice set out in section 1 "General Provisions" is complied with when a user grants a licence to a product or service that utilizes material or parts of the material governed by these terms and conditions;
  • inform whether the material is presented/used as unedited, in its entirety or as modified;
  • remove any mention of the original source upon the demand of the City of Oulu.

This licence does not constitute a co-operation or business relationship between the user and the City of Oulu. The user is not allowed in connection with the use of the material to express that the City of Oulu supports or recommends the user's particular method of using the material.

3. Governing Law

Finnish law shall be applied to this licence/Right to Use.

4. Amendments to the licence

The City of Oulu may at any time amend the terms and conditions of the licence or apply other licence to the material. However, the terms and conditions of this licence shall be applied to the material which has been taken into use during the validity of this licence.