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"Rollers" black light theatre performance 18.10.-26.10. "Rollers" black light theatre performance 18.10.-26.10.

For the first time, flame group Tulikukka treats the people of Oulu to black light theatre in the form of the play "Rollers". With the help of UV and LED lights, a new world is created on stage, with inhabitants whose adventures are suitable for both children and grown-ups. This unique performance is part of the New Oulu Celebration Year.

The Rollers are a new kind of species trying to survive on Earth that has undergone a major upheaval. However, no one can manage on their own: on their journey through a new world, the Rollers learn the value of friendship and courage. The show combines music, dance, and theatre, without forgetting the magical motion of firewheels, glowsticks and light pois. The play is directed by Mau Järvinen and written by Reija Glad.

Come follow the adventure at Oulun Tähtisirkus, address Kurkelantie 2. Due to the lights and the thrilling content of the play, recommended age is six years.

Tickets to the show are 10 euros; children and groups entitled to a discount: 7 euros. The rolling starts on Friday 18.10 at 7 PM.

Following shows:
Sat 19.10 at 3 and at 6 PM
Fri 25.10 at 6 PM
Sat 26.10 at 3 and at 6 PM

Additional information
Johanna Jämsä
Producer / Flame group Tulikukka
oulu @
044 0123 654

Photo Jari Huttunen