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Cultural relay 4.10.-1.11. Cultural relay 4.10.-1.11.

The Cultural relay that started in spring continues in autumn 2013. The people of the New Oulu get to meet each other in dance and painting workshops.

The workshops are aimed at different groups: for seniors at Oulunsalo community centre, pupils in Yli-Ii and service users at the Karpalo day activity centre in Yli-Kiiminki. A companion piece to the "Uusi oululainen" portrait depicting the face of the new Oulu is created during the relay.

The relay is conducted by accessible dance instructors Merja Männikkö and Janne Oikarinen, together with Vedic Art teacher and artist Riikka Kontio.
4.10 Yli-ii 11.15 AM - 2 PM: Schools
11.10 Oulunsalo community centre: Seniors
1.11 Yli-Kiiminki day activity centre Karpalo: Adults with intellectual disabilities