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Exploring the New Oulu 6.-29.9. Exploring the New Oulu 6.-29.9.

The exhibition is Vesa Ranta's personal journey photographing his hometown, Oulu. The city is currently undergoing great changes, so the theme is highly interesting. The photos for the exhibition have been taken over the course of one year.

The themes selected represent the New Oulu in a manner guaranteed to captivate interest. The exhibition says a lot about the photographer himself - about the things, phenomena, and people that interest him.
The theme of the exhibition has not been defined too narrowly, allowing for an explorer-like experience of the hometown from a fresh point of view. The exhibition also presents lesser known areas and themes initially not familiar to the photographer. There were many things in his hometown he did not know existed. The photographer's bond with his home has grown even deeper.

The "Exploring the New Oulu" exhibition at the Valve Cultural Centre Valve Gallery 6.-29.9.2013.