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Kalevala in the Oulu dialect 18.2.-1.3. Kalevala in the Oulu dialect 18.2.-1.3.

The ensemble Lyyran Tähtikuvio (Lyra Constellation) presents the most familiar verses of the Finnish national epic Kalevala as songs in elementary schools in the new Oulu area 18.2-1.3, around the time we celebrate Kalevala Day. The musicians come from municipalities in the new Oulu area. Anne-Mari Kanniainen (Golden Accordion winner 2005, Performing Artist of the Year 2010) and Pope Puolitaival (member of bands such as Dalindeo, Leningrad Cowboys, Jo Stance) are both related to Arhippa Perttunen, the most famous of all Kalevala reciters.

Local dialect is an integral part of identity. It is part of us and we are part of it. Dialect is sense and sensibility wrapped into one.

Arranged by Lyyran Tähtikuvio:

Riikka Keränen, vocals and percussion (narrative song)
Anssi Tirkkonen, drums and vocals (young Joukahainen)
Anne-Mari Kanniainen, digital accordion and vocals (the smith Ilmarinen)
Pope Puolitaival, saxophone and vocals (old Väinämöinen)
Vega Välitalo, double bass and compositions (Lemminkäinen)