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Sivuja ei päivitetä. Ylläpito päättyi 2014.

The Valoa Oulu! - Light Oulu! light festival 21.-24.11.2013

The autumn's series of light-related events culminates in the Light Oulu! light festival, illuminating the Oulu city centre area with attractions such as two light installations, the permanent installation "Heijasteita", and Light Zoo Oulu, spreading itself to Linnansaari. The event also serves as a platform for the light-related events of the celebration year, and lights up the whole city waiting for Christmas and light in the process.

Light Oulu! light festival and opening of Christmas season celebrated Friday 22.11. at 6 PM at Rotuaari stage.

The Light Oulu! light festival is a project in collaboration with Oulu Education and Culture Services, New Oulu Celebration Year, the University of Oulu Department of Architecture, Oulu Facilities Centre public utility, Oulu Cathedral parish, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and Cultural Centre Valve.

Contact information:
Producer, project manager Marika Lamberg, tel. 044 703 1138, marika.lamberg @

"Light attracts" brings light to Oulu

The "Light attracts" project uses a series of events to chart the possibilities of exciting urban lighting in Oulu. The "Light attracts" project explores and pilots the various ways and possibilities of creating experiences through lighting in building a comfortable, safe and inspiring city.

In autumn 2013, the New Oulu Celebration Year arranges regional events in new city districts and offers light workshops open to citizens. The light-filled autumn culminates in the light festival held in the Oulu city centre in late November. The "Light attracts" project is funded by the Regional Council of Northern Ostrobothnia (Regional Development Fund), and the City of Oulu.

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The Valoa Oulu! – Light Oulu! light festival programme