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Closing event of the Words&Sounds lyrics competition 7.5. Closing event of the Words&Sounds lyrics competition 7.5.

Lyrics, sounds, poetry and tunes are let loose at the closing event of the Sanoja & Saundeja/ Words&Sounds lyrics competition at the Pohjankartano Auditorium in Oulu on Wednesday, 7.5.2013 at 1 pm.

Nearly 500 poems by children and youngsters in the new Oulu area were sent to the preliminary round in the autumn. The best of these have now been selected for presentation at the closing event. Four young composers from the Oulu region have also chosen poems to set to music. The composers areSaara Aalto, Teemu Kuusento, Alisa Ojanen and Timo Rautio.

The lyrics competition is arranged in collaboration with Oulu municipal library. Other collaborating partners in the ventures are libraries in the municipalities joining Oulu, vocational institutions in the Oulu area, the literature and poetry school at Cultural Centre Valve, Rockpolis, the newspaper Kaleva and all the comprehensive schools and high schools in the area.

The competition is arranged by the City of Oulu working group on literature.

The event is open for all.

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