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Magical Martinniemi Picnic 8.6. Magical Martinniemi Picnic 8.6.

Magical Martinniemi Picnic 8.6, 6-11.30 pm

The Picnic is a white summer night multiart event featuring music by the groups Rannaton Horisontti and Savumaivat.

Martinniemi is a place where the Kiiminki River and the Bay of Bothnia meet. It is also the setting of short stories and novels by Joni Skiftesvik. Visitors can follow in the footsteps of Skiftesvik's characters and enjoy music, visual arts, dance and a picnic at Rantametsä Arena.

The family event is aimed at all age groups. Car and boat parking in Martinniemi fishing harbour at the end of Luotsiasemantie Road. Bus no. 20 stops about 1 km from the area. Martinniemi is also accessible by bike. Entrance is free – come and enjoy the magical atmosphere of Martinniemi.

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