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Oulu in the 1950s, with Peter von Bagh as guide Oulu in the 1950s, with Peter von Bagh as guide

Peter von Bagh, who has a long and distinguished career in film, returns to the Oulu of his childhood and youth in a film that will premier on the celebration year of new Oulu.

The world premier of his film about Oulu will take place at Studio at Valve Culture Centre, and possibly at other sites in the new Oulu as well. Arranged by Merikoskikerho, OuluFilm Centre and Illume, the producer of the film.

The film is based on the experiences of the boy who moved to Oulu at the age of six and left it to study elsewhere. The focus is on the 1950s, which the director defines as one of the most exciting and dynamic eras in the history of independent Finland.

Peter von Bagh has brought to life the northern city of the post-war era using photographs, objects and amateur footage from that time. The quality of the footage varies, but it evokes a strong sense of the time.

"I feel that the theme is both relevant and challenging. There are miles of footage of Helsinki from that time, but hardly anything on Oulu - except for amateur snapshots, family albums and school photographs. In my view, about a dozen news reels from Oulu constitute a good basis for quite an extensive analysis", Peter von Bagh says. In his opinion, the place where you spent your childhood and youth is always the best because so much is invested in it, the great illusion of life as a whole.

"Oulu is promisingly controversial as a theme of such analysis, even more expressively so as the foundation consists of the untarnished memory of an age of innocence", he says.

The film produced by Illume/Jouko Aaltonen is shot by cinematographer Arto Kaivanto, with sound by Martti Turunen.

Arranged by Merikoskikerho, Oulu Film Centre and Illume.

Photo Heini Lehväslaiho