Outline plan of Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju


Welcome to participate in the planning of Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area!

In the late 1960s a decision was made that the University of Oulu was to be moved to Linnanmaa, 5 kilometers outside the city center. A two-phase architectural competition was held in 1967 to design the new university campus and Kaijonharju residential area. In the 1980s the Technology Village was founded in the Linnanmaa next to university. The Technology Village is the internationally famous starting point of developing information technology industry. There is also south of the university the Puu-Linnanmaa residential area, the first modern wooden residential area in Finland. Now the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area is lagging behind modern times and it needs to be developed and improved.

Outline plan for the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area

City of Oulu has started the outline planning for the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area to create a comprehensive view and vision for the future. To north of the planning area there is Lake Kuivasjärvi, to west is the motorway Pohjantie and to south the residential area of Syynimaa and to west the street Kaijonlahdentie. The outline plan is to steer the city planning. The main part of planning and interaction take place in 2018. The outline plan will be completed in early 2019.

Linnanmaa and Kaijonharju, the History of Construction

The results of the map-based survey in 2018

As part of the outline planning work, the citizens of Oulu had the opportunity to give their vision of the present state and future of the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area. The web-based map survey tool was open until 27 May, 2018. A total of 584 responses and 3263 map notes were collected.

The respondents were asked to mark places that they find pleasant or functional and unpleasant or non-functional in their current state. Also markings concerning buildings or squares that feel unsafe, places which feel unsafe due to traffic, and the routes that function well or poorly were asked. In addition, current parking arrangements were dealt with in the inquiry. The markings of the pleasant or functional places were concentrated in the botanical garden area whereas for example the Kaijonharju centre was experienced as unpleasant and unsheltered.

For the future development possibilities of the area, the respondents were asked to mark places that could be suitable for new residential housing, commercial spaces and services as well as work places and business spaces. About half of the markings that were given to develop recreational use dealt with the development of the shores of the Kuivasjärvi and Pyykösjärvi lakes. In the survey it was also possible to present new ideas to the area.

The results of the inquiry

Europan 14 – The international architecture competition in Oulu Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju

Europan is the international competition for architects and urban designers under the age of 40. Europan provides a forum for young professionals to develop and present their ideas for current urban challenges. The theme of the competition was productive cities. In Oulu the site situated in Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area. The competition video of Oulu Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju

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