Archery Competition - Kierikkikeskus - Oulun kaupunki

Archery Competition Archery Competition

Playful "hunting competition" with primitive bows is suitable for small groups. The bows used in the programme lack modern utilities such as stabilizer and sight. The programme begins with learning the basics of Stone Age. Our Stone Age guide gives the participants some useful tips on instinct-based bow shooting, after which you will move on to the woods where the authentic-looking animal targets await. The terrain conditions give a certain challenge to the game. The competition can be carried out either as individual or team competition, according to your wishes.

During the programme you will also learn about traditional Finnish trapping methods used for trapping forest animals.

Recommended season: snow-free times

Duration: ca. 2 hours

Price (incl. VAT):
20 € p.p. (6–10 persons)
18 € p.p. (11–20 persons). Groups with over 10 people will be divided into two teams which start their competition form different sides of the bow shooting range.

The price includes entrance fee.

Programme services outside opening hours: € 310 / group

You can try bow shooting also in our trapline bath. Photo Joni-Pekka Karjalainen, Museum and Science centre Luupi/Kierikki