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Kierikki Stone Age Centre has had a buzy August when werner Pfeifer and Jake Newport were building the elk hide boat. Pictures of the boat you can find in our facebook-pages . Team of real Stone Age woman Lynx Vilden came to help in the project. There were people from six different countries. Below the proud builders with the boat and part of Lynx' team. 



Kierikki Stone Age centre is open to public from May 16 till Oct 28 in year 2016. During the wintertime Kierikki museum, hotel and restaurant are open on request. Welcome. 


Kierikki guides Juuso and Joni.  Photo Juuso Haarala, photo edited by Tiia Pirkola. 

Kierikki Stone Age centre is open to public from May 16 till Oct 28 in year 2016. During the wintertime Kierikki hotel and restaurant are open on request. Welcome. 

And the Ancient Markets are this summer 30.-31. July and the theme is Kierikki is rushing to the Iron Age!

There are eg. swordplay, shaman and ancient music. The program is in Finnish but all activities can be translated also to English. Ancient markets are in Stone Age village on Sat  July 30 at 10-17 o'clock and on Sun July 31 at 12-18. Entrance fees are 12 € adults, 9 € reduced ticket price and 9 € children 6-17 years. Children 0-5 years free. There are also family tickets. During the markets days there is also a lunch service in the restaurant. 

Hotel Kierikinhovi which is opposite the main building and restaurant Kierikki inside the main building are open on request all year round. During the opening months May-Oct 2016 there are good café services and food on request.

All reservations to hotel and restaurant: Aino Kurtti tel. + 358-44-737 9464, email: 

Above air photo of the main building and hotel. Below Stone Age village in July 2012.  


The Kierikki Centre and the reconstructed Stone Age village, located on the banks of the river Iijoki, form a unique combination telling about Finnish prehistory. Ongoing excavations, an archaeological exhibition with finds dating up to 5,000 BC, and hands-on activities at the Stone Age Village enhance the fascinating view of how people lived in Stone Age Finland.

The architectural award-winning Kierikki main building is the largest log building in Scandinavia. It houses an archaeological exhibition, a well-equipped auditorium with film presentations, and a restaurant. The museum shop offers unique gifts and souvenirs.

Come and travel back in time to the Stone Age!

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Kierikki is part of Oulu Museum and Science Centre Luuppi .

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Pahkalantie 447 A
91200 Oulu

Tel: +358 8 5585 8265
Fax: +358 (0)8 8170 494

Pahkalantie 447 A
91200 Oulu

 +358 50 4107 309


Hotel and restaurant tel:

+358 44 737 9464

Opening hours year 2017: 
Open to public 5 June -27 August 2017. By appointment in other times eg. to groups, schools and individuals.

  • 5.-22.6. Mon-Fri 10–16. Closed 23.-25.6.                                           
  • 26.6.-13.8.Mon-Sat 10-17, Sun 12-18                              
  • 14.8.-27.8. Mon-Sat 10-16, closed Sun                                     


Adults 8 €
Conscripts, students, seniors, unemployed 5 €
Children 6–17 yrs. 5 € (0–5 yrs. for free)
Families (two adults + two children) 20 €, additional children for half price

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Driving directions

Unfortunately the bus connections are poor to Kierikki. So if you don't have a car, please take contact to our customer service.