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Public Archaeological Digs Public Archaeological Digs

A Day As An Archaeologist

Experience a day as an archaeologist in the Kierikki Stone Age Centre! Prepare yourself for getting dusty with proper clothing.  You will not need any other equipment or knowledge beforehand.

The day begins with becoming acquainted to the archaeological exhibition at the Kierikki Stone Age Centre main building. There is also a possibility to see a short film about the research history of the area. Then you get to participate archaeological excavations on a Stone Age settlement site situated just outside the main building.

At the excavation site, a professional archaeologist will show you the right excavation technique to make sure you can identify finds and that the excavation will thus be successful. The adults get a little excavation manual, and children get a diploma for participating in the excavation.

After working at the site, you get to visit the reconstructed Stone Age Village where a guide will lead you to the Stone Age. You can, for example, test an ancient bow or try to form an arrowhead from stone by using just sand and water!

SEASON July Tue-Sat. Excavations from 12 to 5 p.m; the centre open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
DURATION 3-5 hours
PRICE Adults: 15 €
  Discount ticket and children 7-17 years: 12 €

Booking in advance not needed. Suitable also for those visiting alone! You can even participate the excavations on more than one day. In that case the price will be reduced by 50 % from the second day on. Accommodation you will find in our hotel just nearby the Kierikki Centre. Age limit is 7 years and children 7-10 years can join the dig olny in company of an adult person. 

Photo Sami Viljanmaa.